Lord of Thundertown

“In the movies, Thundertown was depicted like a real town, with boundaries, Folk-run businesses, and a government. In real life, Thundertown was a block here or there, three businesses on the same side of the street, an unconnected sewer main, or a single abandoned building.”

An epidemic of missing person cases leads Alex Delatorre to Thundertown, the underground network of abandoned spaces where the Folk frequently squat. There he hears rumors about a new Lord trying to unite the population.
No one has seen them, no one has spoken to them. Separating truth from fiction brings negative attention to Alex and his friends.

New Adult Speculative fiction, published by Nine Star Press


After the death of her stepfather, Isabel moves to North Dakota to try to escape her grief. While there, shes drawn to a boy named Tom who reveals he is hundreds of years old.

Meanwhile, John is struggling to survive a superhuman metabolism that is destroying him from the inside out.

When John and Isabel meet, they must both confront the changes they've made for other people. 

Publication TBA

Other projects


Antiques Freaks

Guest speaker on the antiques and collectibles podcast Antiques Freaks.

Appears in episode 038 and 041 to better describe scientific antiques and provide historical record

Flamecon 2018

Guest speaker on the panel “Crafting Memorable Villains” with fellow Nine Star Press Authors Chris Bedell, Hannah Carmack and Taylor Barton

WROTE Podcast

Gues speaker on WROTE podcast to discuss my debut novel, Lord of Thundertown, and the role history and gender plays in fiction